Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a lovely little garden

so, although i didn't make my 30 before 30 for a number of reasons, this weekend i was able to accomplish something (with A LOT of help) that i wasn't sure i would ever be able to accomplish...we now have a lovely little flower garden out front and nothing has died yet. SUCCESS! my mom came over on sunday and helped mark and i overhaul the garden plots out front. we started with weeding what hadn't yet been weeded, moving the junky mulch, removing a non-functioning weed protector sheet, tilling up the good dirt, adding better dirt, removing the HUGE roots (we don't know what they are roots FOR- but that's another story), buried flower pots and dog bones, toys, iron pipes, darts, pieces of a ceramic something-or-other, and everything else you would think couldn't possibly be buried in someones front garden, and then finally planting the flowers. last night and tonight i finished mulching and finally took some photos. i'm sad i didn't take photos before and during, but the after shots are pretty great: