Monday, September 29, 2008

happy birthday mama chewners!

my mom turned a-certain- age-where-it-may-be-viewed-inappropriate-to-mention-at-this-point this past saturday :) mark and i went out to celebrate with mom, dad and allie to the rusty scupper in baltimore. my mom is a huge fan of their cream of crab soup, so of course we all had to get our own bowls- and i must concur, it was quite yummy! after lunch we retired back to the chewning house for a bit to hang out and eat some of the delicious pumpkin caramel pudding muffins i made in honor of mom's bday :)

happy birthday momma!

happy belated birthday to a princess!

last friday, princess alana turned 5 years old! we heard that she had a cowgirl/cowboy party with six shooters, cowpeople hats and a horsey cake, we just wish we could have been there :)

happy birthday alana!

us with alana this summer at the beach

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

so many updates!

it has been quite a while since i've updated the blog, for which i profusely apologize! a lot of changes and events have kept the mr. and i busy since mid-august. mark dove head first into his mba program and i haven't seen him since :) in all seriousness, mark does spend quite a bit of time working on homework, meeting with groups, studying, doing extra activities and attending club meetings- but he's enjoying learning and maybe he will one day learn to relish in the extacy of 5 hours of sleep a night. maybe. one day.

my new job at the Holocaust Museum has kept me very busy during the days, for which i am extremely thankful! being busy and wrapped up in a number of things helps the days go by faster and brings a sense of accomplishment (usually!). since i'm a little past the one month mark, i'm starting to take ownership of certain things, which i love.

although quality time with one another has lessened quite a bit from the amount of we got to spend during our "summer of unemployment," we've managed to make some great friends through work and school and have gotten to hang out with them on (super fun) occassions and there will certainly be more of that to come!

also, in other, wonderful and beautiful news, alexandra olivia schmidt was born on sunday, september 14th! lexi's parents are mike (mark's older brother) and diane (awesome sister in law) and her big (5 years old this friday!) sister is alana (best. princess. ever.). congrats to the fam!