Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the one who started it all

today is a special day, folks: it's michael schmidt's 32nd birthday! many happy birthday wishes to mike! apparently, he was a good enough kid that it prompted 2 more from mom and dad schmidt, so we're guessing he didn't show his true colors until around age 5 or 6...just kidding...sort of...

andrew cole!

happy belated "actual day-of-birth" to andrew cole morgan, who was born yesterday, february 25, 2008 to the lovely susan and shawn morgan!!!!!

we can't wait to see, hold, pamper and hug our new nephew :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

photo link and a special shout-out!

in case you lost the email or there was a technical error- below is the link for people to view the gazillions of photos taken by our amazing photographers at the wedding:


Event ID is: jchewning

and in case you wanted to view the gazillions of photos WE took on our hawaiin honeymoon, here is the link for those:


ALSO: today is a very special day. not only is it friday (woo hoo!) but it's also SUSAN JEAN'S BIRTHDAY! 27 years ago today, mark and michael schmidt were blessed with a little baby sister and their parents, jan and jack were able to breathe a sigh of relief that a girl was born instead of another rowdy boy :) (just kiddin')! happy 27th birthday to the oh-so-pregnant susan!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ah! a new post!

alas, a blog update! i have recently been getting some "heat" from others about not promoting enough voyuerism into the lives of my hottie husband and my-sassy-self. my deepest apologies :)

the reason for the lack of an update is that simply, there isn't much to update :) we have finally settled back into "life after the wedding" and are *thankfully* able to recognize our apartment as an actual home instead of a storage unit. we have put away all luggage, christmas gifts, honeymoon trinkets, the massive wedding prep binder (aka THE BEST BINDER EVER!), etc. and are settling into daily life again.

we (i) decided that i wasn't such a big fan of the question asked everynight, "what should we do for dinner?" and have thus developed a plan to utilize every cookbook we have and make a weekly menu on saturdays or sundays and stick to it! granted, this week is the first we have put this new idea into practice, but it is going fabulously! thanks to everyone who has contributed to our massive and well-rounded library of culinary delights, we'll have to have you over one night to show off our mouth-watering masterpieces.

there are a few additional bits and pieces that we want to share, but we also want to keep you coming back, so we'll leave this post as is for now :)

hope everyone is well!


Monday, February 4, 2008


welcome to the schmidt sphere! since the wedding website was so successful, we thought this would be an easy way for people to keep tabs on us and our newlywedded bliss :)

we sincerely hope that everyone had a fantastic time at the wedding and enjoyed it as much as we did! although it went by WAY too fast, we are so thankful to everyone who was able to help us celebrate our marriage. for those of you who were unable to attend, we are so grateful for your love and support, as we certainly felt it on december 28, 2007!

after the wedding, we were able to escape to the tropical paradise of hawai'i for our honeymoon (yay!). we had a wonderful time and were able to do SO many amazing activities, thanks to everyone's generousity. below are a few photos from our fantastic trip...

mark's ready to take naia home!

jenn getting a kiss from naia!

new years eve fireworks, you can tell how exhausted jenn was from jetlag

us on one of the mokalua islands we sea kayaked to

the mokalua islands from flat island, which was also kayaked to

us testing out our trusty surf boards

mark was the surf master all lesson long!

jenn shakin' it and tryin' to perfect her hula

the breathtaking hawaiian sunset at the luau

there's nothing cooler than swimming with sea turtles!

awesome statue on the bottom of the ocean floor

mark in his scuba gear

jenn enjoying the signature "catatonic" on our cocktail cruise

mark lettin' loose on the cruise

sunset views on the cruise

after a yummy dinner with susan and shawn at cassis

what we saw as we entered kualoa ranch


jenn on horseback

mark giddy-upin'

lazy boys

on our hike

views from the lighthouse

more incredible views from the lighthouse