Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6th- Best Day Ever! (aka Jenn's Birthday)

27 years ago, jenn was born at 3:11 pm to her tired mama and her nauseated father.

anyone that knows jenn, knows that she starts celebrating her birthday around the 3rd week of february and continues to celebrate the whole month of march- it's quite the holiday, at least, in jenn's mind.

this year, it was decided that sandwiches would be the dinner of choice, as that is one of jenn's favorite off to schlotsky's we went, jenn sportin' her "birthday girl" sash, courtesy of katelyn...

at the deli, jenn enjoyed some of her favorite things, a nice and fizzy fountain diet coke and...

a delicious veggie sammich!

after the fun-filled times at dinner, we headed home for another of jenn's favorite things- eating some yummy dessert in pants with an elastic waist...thank goodness for mark's old army sweats!

woo hoo for strawberry rhubarb pie!

birthday wishhh ;)